Eden Hills


Deposit $230
Minimum stay 2 weeks
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Internet Yes
Smoking No
Can pickup airport? Yes
House has pets? No
Available from 01 May 2019
Available to 01 Dec 2022
Guests Students

Fee includes all meals and internet in your own private, fully-furnished, quiet, comfortable bedroom, and a spacious bathroom used exclusively by homestays. Three upstairs bedrooms are available. We also have a wheelchair-friendly, fully furnished two-room apartment beneath the house, available to travellers as well as students. It has its own private entrance. The terms are negotiable depending on meals etc.

Our house is a 20-minute walk from Blackwood High School, a 35-minute walk from Flinders University, and a 10-minute walk from the train stop (from which it is a 20-minute ride to the city). It is a 5-minute walk to a bus stop (bus to Blackwood High School, Flinders University, and local shopping centre).

Homestay mother: Asian, works at a local childcare centre. Homestay father: scientist, works overseas a lot. Both have certified police clearance. We have had about 20 homestay guests over the past 10 years.


Basic member
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