Deposit $500
Minimum stay 12 weeks
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Internet Yes
Smoking Outside
Can pickup airport? Yes
House has pets? Yes
Available from 07 May 2019
Available to 05 Jan 2020
Guests Students

2 bedrooms available. I have a young son therefore very family orientated. Preferably female students. All meals provided. Rooms consist of single bed, bir, heating and cooling, share bathroom with student (I have my own bathroom)
Close to public transport close to major shopping centres. 10km to mawson lakes from $280 per week
I'm now a non smoker but guests able to smoke
I have a 7year old son, We also have a friendly cat and little pup.
Able to drop off and possible pickup from uni if required.
Would be lovely to share cultural differences. Would love to show you around adelaide while you are here.
Prefer long term students.

Distances to university as follows;
Mawson lakes approx 10km 20 min on bus
UniSA city approx 20km 35 min on bus
Very close to major shopping centres


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Phone verified


Place Distance Time By

Mawson lakes university

12 kms



Tea tree Plaza shopping and bus interchange

9 kms



Adelaide university

20 kms